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Sutranovum is a licensing brand. It is a made up word from two different languages, one of the East and the other of the West and it means the “ever new, pregnant truth.”

It is represented by a lotus logo.

Sages throughout history have clarified that truth is one, we mortals, with our limited language, refer to it by many names.

The truth that can be put into words is the penultimate truth.

Our focus at sutranovum is to sponsor merchandise that celebrates qualities that one may associate with a healed or enlightened mind.

Such a mind mirrors an inner state that is joyous, not dependent on external objects and illuminated by its own light.

Qualities that may be associated with such a state might be:

All are features of the landscape of fulfillment. It is these central themes that are the primary focus of the aesthetic adventures of the sutranovum brand.

We have trademarked our lotus and the subcategory for licensing t-shirts in the United States. That is our primary focus for now. But as we grow we plan to embrace other products along similar thematic lines.

If you are interested in working with us as licensors please contact us at: