the triune society

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The triune society means the unity of the three and is a sane alternative to patriarchies with reactionary feminism and matriarchies with weakened men.

Unfortunately, for a long time humans have made gods important.

Gods are projections of the psyche of man. But the real Gods are man, woman and child.

A man is about action and protection.

A woman is about nurturing and reflection.

A child is about self-inquiry.

We have made society about patriarchies or matriarchies. This just pits the genders against one another.

In India the divorce rate is 1%. And in the West it is often over 51%. One makes man the god and the other makes the reactive female the goddess.

To find a new harmony beyond duality it is sane to embrace a new sacred trinity. This is not one in which god is above. Nor one where man is above. Nor one where woman is above.

We posit that the Hindu prophets and the prophets of the Sinai made some critical mistakes and it is those mistakes that have lead to the mess we are in.

When we focus on humanism we look beyond gods and psychological inflation. We shine a light on the misunderstanding between the sexes and on how to listen better to ourselves and the gifts within us and in our children.

This is a central focus of the sutranovum institute and courses on how it can change our society and education models for the better will follow.