the nature of nature

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In Darwin’s closing line of the Origin of Species he spoke of how life, spawned from a few early forms, has kept evolving according to the fixed law of gravity.

But gravity is not fixed.

The nature of nature is that it is continually evolving.

“As a culture and civilization we may think we are progressing. But, in spite of our love for creative and destructive toys, we are going nowhere.

We are just like someone who has caught a strap on a door handle. The only way forward is to start by going back. It is to detach ourselves from the misunderstandings about our past and about who we are.”

Peter Kingsley

The prophets of the Sinai and the prophets of Hinduism and other cultures have created the various cultures and societies we now live in.

Unfortunately, they made many errors. Errors we can now correct. The comparative mytholgist Joseph Campbell understood that myths evolve and transform through time.

Nikola Tesla said that fish do not swim they are swam. Birds do not fly they are flown. Viruses do not hijack they are hijacked.

For the vast majority of our history since we became arable farmers and domesticated various hooved animals and fowl, we have done it with no wisdom at all. The goat herders of antiquity created the Sahara out of a lush landscape in ten thousand short years.

Unconsciously man has a corrective intelligence that is able to fathom his errors. Mythologically we made the goat into the devil. But it is no such thing. Our farming practices are.

Paul Tillich once wrote:

"I would say the most universal expression of the demonic today is a split between the control of nature by man and the fate of man to fall under the control of the product of his control. He produces, and then he falls under the power of what he has produced, the whole system of industrial existence. It has liberated him, it has given control over nature and now it puts him into a servitude in which he loses more and more of his being, his person. This form of dehumanisation was what we fought against in Germany; we must continue this fight now on a much larger basis."

He went on:

“Therefore commune with nature! Become reconciled with nature, after your estrangement from it. Listen to nature in quietness, and you will find its heart. It will sound forth the glory of its divine ground. It will sign with us in the bondage of tragedy. It will speak of the indestructible hope of salvation!"

Such vision guides our mandate at the sutranovum institute.

There is a way out of the desert religions of the past. There is a new science and a new wiser use of technology potential in us.

They created gods like Jesus and Krishna.

Jesus and Krishna both are heralded as rulers to usurp the reigning kings of the day.

Both are hunted by the king and not killed. Both go on to preach the gospel of love and both are killed (Krishna on a battlefield and Christ on a cross) and then resurrect and ascend to heaven. Mohammed was a prophet who issued in a new religion and who bound various tribes together under his vision. But today in the countries his religion conquered, just as in India and the West, agricultural policy is primarily practiced in such a way that is extremely destructive to the top soil and the environment in general.

“It cannot be stressed enough how important the soil organisms are for the organic gardener. They are aided by manure, composting rotations, companion planting and mulching. They are harmed by excessive plowing, monoculture, burning of fields and soil sterilization which reduces the overall number drastically, as well as diminishes the number of representative species.”

Wolf D Storl

Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed and the Old Testament prophets, Aristotle and Plato all argue that nature is to be conquered.

“To the prayers, songs and practical gestures the medicine man had in mind I would add Holistic management. In case after case we have already witnessed what it can contribute to conflict resolution, and this role will surely become ever greater. The conflict often begins to resolve itself as antagonists brought together to create a holistic context discover that what they have in common is far greater than their differences. That is why we have to start this revolution by revolutionizing management. Our efforts to save our planet hinge on this one transformantion occurring. The great innovator Buckminster Fuller talked of the trim tab (this is a small item mounted on a ship’s rudder and makes for huge differences in the direction of the ship)- that one small thing that if moved would automatically move the rest that needs moving. That is the best description of holistic management I can think of. When we acknowledge what is complex and manage it holistically, the rest will move too.

Earlier in my life, the magnitude of problems without solution depresses me utterly. Now, at last, I see the possibility of wonderful times ahead as we both enjoy the fruits of technology and learn to live within our ecosystem’s rules. Had I another stock of years to replace those I’ve spent already, I could not imagine a more exciting time to live than now.”

Allan Savory

Joseph Campbell said that a myth is a society’s dream and a myth is a society’s dream.

What we overlook at our peril is that myths evolve over time.

At the seat of Western civilization is the Ancient Greek culture.

In the myth of Persephone she is stolen by Hades, the god of the underworld to be his wife. Her grief over her daughter Persephone – who has to spend one-third of the year with her husband Hades in the Underworld – is the reason why there is winter; her joy when she gets her back coincides with the fertile spring and summer months.

But there is another symbolism to Persephone. She represents the pained psychological treasures in the shadow work of men and women.

Sophia is the female aspect of wisdom and she is ascendent in our time.

Human history goes through different stories over the course of time. There was the Egyptian culture and nowadays very few people worship Horus or Zoroastrian gods. Myths evolve with humans. Or sometimes they devolve.

What treasures does Sophia have for us in this moment? What does she bring up from the depths of human submerged possibilities that is enticing and new?

This is where the nature of nature and evolution starts to be clarified.

Joseph Campbell said that myths are the penultimate truth. In fact they may be the ultimate truth in that they are actually mirrors, in the form of stories, to how humanity chooses to interpret various hidden laws of mind in the wider unfolding of things.

Under Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed and the confusion of Aristotle and Plato (who misunderstood Parmenides and Pythagoras) we have a view of nature that we must conquer and subdue and the only way to deal with this world is to escape it into heaven.

But what if those models of how to be human, those models of sanity are actually outdated and out of alignment with what is really going on?

When we examine Allan Savory’s work on holistic management we see that when we farm wisely we create rich soils and varied plant life, which, in turn, create clouds. So our understanding of how to live in Eden has been flawed. We made devils and gods, cycles of boom and bust because we don’t understand our minds and nature in general.

Allan Savory’s work addresses that with farming and the same insights can be applied to industry.

The rabbit hole goes deeper. Out of the pain of mismanaged lands and people blinded by the pain mechanisms and the misunderstanding of gender we created desert monks and gay people.

Could it be that both evade a deeper harmony? We are not advocating judging anyone gay, straight, male or female.

But could monks be born of avoiding a deeper harmony? Out of the ignorance of that deeper harmony you get god above, son below and intermediaries like priests, psychologists and healers marriage guidance counselors/divorces etc.

Maybe they are aberrations not solutions. We feel man, woman and child in harmony is the only sanity.

Everything else is distraction and promotes duality or non-dual escapism.

Out of that mythic landscape you have reactionary voices like Irina Dunn who wrote: “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

That’s where patriarchal myths based on crucified messiahs leads. Eden is inherently guilt ridden and salvation can only be found in a world beyond.

That may be insane though. Perhaps HIV AIDS is a a representation of a virus that has been hijacked because something in us is deeply fearful of our deeper power.

Covid may be another example of an instance where our wanton misappropriation of our deeper nature through abuse of animals and birds and soil happens to wake up the species to a deeper harmony where we can get out of being stuck in non-progressive cycles like Kingsley’s metaphor of being pulled back by a strap stuck on the door handle.

When we fathom the deeper symmetry of nature we may discover that when we work with the land wisely we need not create deserts. When we honor our nature and the nature of nature we can overcome our split minded tendency to pervert our humanity and become victims of escaping into sickness and pain that is so contrary to our destiny.

Lamarck said that lizards lounging on rocks dreamt of flight and birds evolved.

At sutranovum institute we posit that sexual organs are not to be shamed. Indeed one must shame the shamed to end such madness.

But that doesn’t mean sexual promiscuity, on the flip side, promises fulfillment.

Abraham Lincoln said that the future depends on what one man makes of a small piece of land.

That was the original Greek meaning of “Husband.” One who manages the economy of a small holding.

We argue that there is a deeper way of living where men and women are harmonized because of their inherent compatibility.

We educate on how just as birds came from imaginative lizards, mythologies and fundamental forces like gravity also evolve. That nothing is static or fixed,

To leave the desert of our escapist tendencies and celebrate the joy of a life founded in harmony with our fellow men and women and children we owe it to ourselves to drop the ghosts of our past.

And yet to dig beyond those ghosts to an ancient symmetry that was lost at the dawn of our civilizations (East and West).

We need to ditch our myths that manufacture savior figures who aren’t happily married and who escape to deserts to transcend the world.

Beyond them is a deeper nature of nature wherein we are not the slaves of our productions, nor are we conquering and raping the earth and creating vices and tensions. Rather we confront them and find a fresh story wherein we can live wholly free of guilt in the garden of our minds and those of the earth.

When do that our ill ease, our hidden self loathing and that of the opposite sex for us gets confronted at source and a new civilization grounded in a different mythos my flower.

And when this is deeply understood our course as a species and as individuals radically shifts.

On top of this we believe that there must be a way to use technologies without this accent on conquering and depletion.

What Tesla saw and what Elon Musk’s company does, we feel are totally different things. There must be a revolution in the wings where we listen to a more harmonious path that harnesses a new physics and a totally different holy trinity.

We advocate ways in which mankind can unstick himself from the caught strap on the door and strive on to the next phase of human evolution where man, woman and child live in harmony on the earth and we cultivate relationships that support growth rather than promote self-destructive behavior.