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mission statement

Mother Theresa once said if families took care of one another that she would have no work. Well, we focus on embracing that wisdom. To reverse the sorry unnecessary trends born of fear we must awaken to our fulfilled selves. This is self-evident. Our mission, both as individuals and as an organization is to focus on the emotional wisdom that aligns with this version of our story. Such a focus yields the deepest, healthiest and happiest relationships - with ourselves, with one another and with nature.

We deal with the root causes of things.

”It might appear that we are confused, but have we the courage to listen with the fullness of our being! Have we the simplicity and the lack of haste? Can we afford that of ourselves? Can we afford it not! It will bring us all other riches worthy of us.

To undo ill ease, illusion and illness demands that we listen to our deepest faith and our brightest mind. It is incumbent upon us, as a nation, to have that resolve and dignity. Wisdom is not a burden. It is a light in the darkness.

If we are to merit the full mettle of our purpose, we must now embrace this dawn of a new era, and make a thorough peace with ourselves, and with one another.

All of this is possible through the gentle dedication of an awakened attention. We must take flight and rise, like eagles, on the gentle relieved thermals of our liberated selves, to the fullness of wisdom within us.

The eagle, as a young bird, can be reckless and fooled. Yet, by a different grace, it reaches maturity and, we may see, through its tempered and healed flight, the possibility of our own.

Where there is the necessary tender reflection humility brings, there we find our sufferings and come, face to face, with our emancipation. To fully mature means to embrace our pain, and to heal its twin sister, bitterness.

To throw off the crutches of the “ills” we need to find, down by the river of our better selves, a renewed vision of our place in the run of things.”

Nathan Daniel Curry

Ill ease, illusion and Illness

Illusions about the nature of our reality are undone by dropping fear. With that goes upset and illness. We cure Ill ease by coming to life with the vision of fulfilled lives. We cure cancer by understanding emotional wisdom. The ”cutting edge” of cancer research, a multi billion dollar industry is where the blind go to lead the blind. All disease is produced at the thought/emotional level first. The meta view is where true healing really happens. Plato hinted at this in his book “The Cage.” Cancer will not be cured by doctors (this is like the inhabitants of Plato’s Cave looking for meaning in the shadows on the wall) but by seeing the fearful thoughts that create those things in the body - fear literally eating oneself up from the inside. We focus on the bird's eye:

A healed mind, a healed society, a healed planet. And it is that that we celebrate. We are blazing new trails. We are embracing a new future made manifest in the present. The real cutting edge that defines the human vision now flowering.

Our methodology

We start in the end and choose to see our mission (whatever we are working on) already accomplished. We recognize that it is trust that frees the mind. We see and we know that trust is what binds man. Trust, faith, vision, love....whatever you may call solves all problems. Love is the answer to every problem. Love is what we are; our essential nature. In essence, love is trust.

Trust implies seeing beyond the mind that worries. It means embracing the imaginative vistas of what is wise.And that means nurturing the seeds of our inner growth, as is in accord with nature and our natural faculties.