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Love is Self Love

Let's be honest, religion, historically has been a mixed blessing. Buddha seemed to have a pretty good time. Christ less so. Lol. Oscar Wilde wrote that "Life is far too important to take seriously." All these stories are allegories. An allegory is a story that is used to reveal a hidden meaning to be drawn out. It is a doorway that invites inquiry into our hidden potential. The heroes, mavericks and gods of a culture are there to be mirrors to our potentials. They are archetypes of the spirit.

Mythology comes from a deep place inside of man which recognizes that what can be spoken about is the penultimate truth. But it serves to activate and inspire man to reach for the stars. In the Power of Myth Joseph Campbell, the renowned Comparative Mythologist had this dialogue with the journalist Bill Moyers.

"JOSEPH CAMPBELL: Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of the human life.

BILL MOYERS: What we’re capable of knowing within?


BILL MOYERS: And experiencing within.


BILL MOYERS: I liked your defin-you changed the definition of a myth from the search for meaning to the experience of meaning.

JOSEPH CAMPBELL: The experience, the experience.

BILL MOYERS: The experience of life.

JOSEPH CAMPBELL: The experience of life. The mind has to do with meaning; in here, what’s the meaning of a flower? That Zen story of the sermon of the Buddha when his whole company was gathered, and he simply lifted a flower. And there’s only one man, Kashyapa, who gave him a sign with his eye that he understood what was said.

What’s the meaning of the universe? What’s the meaning of a flea? It’s just there, that’s it, and your own meaning is that you’re there. Now we are so engaged in doing things, to achieve purposes of outer value, that we forget that the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it’s all about.

Now, we want to think about God. God is a thought, God is a name, God is an idea, but its reference is to something that transcends all thinking. The ultimate mystery of being is beyond all categories of thought. My friend Heinrich Zimmer of years ago used to say, “The best things can’t be told.” Because they transcend thought. The second best are misunderstood, because those are the thoughts that are supposed to refer to that which can’t be thought about, you know. And one gets stuck with the thoughts. The third best are what we talk about, you see. And myth is that field of reference, metaphors referring to what is absolutely transcendent."

A god is an authority figure and the ultimate authority figure is you. You make your decisions. You decided what is right for you and your family. So let us hope that your decisions are guided by faith in goodness and in love of self.

All myths, all art, all scientific endeavor and philosophy and commerce combine into the tapestry that is human society. And what binds it, what gives it intrinsic meaning is self-love. You are the heart of the universe. Your liberation from suffering and your alignment with your gifts and harmony in your relationships is the purpose of a well lived life aligned with wisdom and celebrating and activating human potential.

The map is not the terrain. But whatever map you use, let it be one where you cherish and honor yourself and others and you are not guided by fear but by self-love and wisdom. That is key. And, that, in a sense, is the value of sutranovum - at its core: To see the woods for the trees. To make contact with our most harmonious vision of ourselves, our families, our wider communities and our relationship with the earth. To interpret. Wisely.

How we perceive and what we say and think and feel matters. It reveals who we take ourselves to be. With what eyes do we look?

"You have a crappy job." "You have a shitty relationship."

You look carefully at what is going on and you discern that mythology is allegory. For example:

Christ means "blessed."That's the meaning in the Aramaic. Jesus is from Joshua and that means to save. Jesus is the I am. Whatever we define ourselves to be. If we make our news focus on lack and deception - we further that story. If we go beyond this we come to ourselves emancipated of fear. So it behooves us to become emotionally intelligent to this. Holy ground. Holy man. Holy and holistic are connected words. Wholehearted activity. These are just words. But what they points to is not limited. Holistic. Wholehearted. Not divided. Not deceived. This means to have a harmonious relationship with nature. With ones own nature. With the cosmos. Whether you wake up in Idaho or Texas, whether you are young or old. you breathe life into your every moment. And when you stand under a flag. whatever flag is your flag...what does it stand for now? What does it embrace? Because you now are the standard bearer. And you decree what future we build.

They say of/to veterans: "Thank you for your service."Do you/we say it to the bus drivers that drive the city streets? To whom do you say it? They work damned hard. They keep the city moving. Men and women like that. Every city you go to. From the Ancient greek and before even....the battlefield has spilled blood. The myth of Babylon is a symbolic story. When you take Eritreans and Pakistanis and French and English and Germans and Irish and Guyanese and Jewish and Muslim and Hindu and Buddhist and Atheist, man and woman and child and you blend them and many get America. And can we live in peace and harmony? A big country like America has bears. And the rifle played its part protecting man from bears. But maturity means we are aligned with the inspired spirit of the moment.

And maturity means enmity has no place in a wise economy. The animals have no enmity. So we really must be focused on the bird's eye of celebrating our strengths. It is elemental. And a celebration of a weakness is not a strength. The dawn, the kindness, the ingenuity, the forgiveness in man. These are holistic thinking, wholehearted feeling. We are 'blessed'/christened by what saves us/what we choose to define ourselves as.

That is the way of myth: as allegorical mirrors to our own lives. . And the death on the cross means the transcendence of fear - the rebirth - be it from manifesting a new job or a new partner or a new experience of both...whatever the focus - a new reality is incited...dawns - you let go of your fears, you die to them, you are reborn in the image of your new blessed state.