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Humanism is the only “ism” that makes sense. The only one. We are one planet now. And a man and a woman and a child are the universal story.

Each has needs and when those needs are not condemned but recognized then: harmony is.

You may ask how do you handle capital? What happens to money and resources?

This always comes down to what our needs are.

All of us need food, water, shelter, the freedom to love and be loved and the space in life to discern and explore our gifts.

Someone alive to their gifts, who isn’t driven by insecurity is a vital being and vital beings vitalize. The recognition of these truths is paramount.

You can be the wealthiest person on the planet or the poorest, but if you overlook these essentials you are blind to the energized draw of your core nature.

And to live blind to that awareness creates all manner of deceptions and incredible and unnecessary pain.

Carl Jung said until “you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

We have made money a god. It’s just a tool though. Not a god.

Then we have pitted the sexes against one another when they have evolved to live in harmony. So we made guilt a god too. This is a scourge to our deeper humanity.

We have made technology a god. Again it is a tool.

The fool, driven by psychological inflation wants to race off to other planets, fill his bank account with more and more money and take the wars of our insecurity there rather than confront them inwardly and undo them here.

Insecurity has many faces: it may want to wallow in our self-pity and become bitter and homeless or go rescue people with gospels and preach our own insecurity to others: the sleeping mind will do anything to justify its insanity and its misery; anything to avoid a sane balanced self-reliance. Insane, when you step back and look at it!

Logos means the “living word.” It is the mystical intelligence behind all unfolding. The common sense that makes decisions in alignment with the whole. It takes discernment to understand the language of the mystical dimension of life.

And when we do not learn that hidden language we race around like headless chickens blind to our own self-inflicted pain.

“The schizophrenic crackup drowns in the waters that the mystic swims in.”

Joseph Campbell

Educational models not alive to logos create nuclear wars, ecocide, economic cycles of boom and bust and untold avenues of suffering.

Humans wherever we go on earth are generally pretty similar. There are nine types or 9 enneatypes. This body of character types is called the Enneagram and it means 9 written or drawn characters. There are nine levels of health for each enneatype. We haven’t taught this in schools. We are much happier when we do.

When you have developed the eye you can see what is talking at the personality level and how healthy the personality is.

An enneatype that is asleep and protecting the pain mechanism is neurotic and mad to some extent. When the pain mechanism is seen we wake up and the unconscious is made conscious. A different far happier life ensues.

If the personality is unhealthy it’s going to perpetuate trauma. Because when a personality is unhealthy it is stuck in protecting its unseen pain mechanism.

It attacks others and it defends its unseen insecurity. When you have seen this in yourself then it’s very easy to see how this manifests in others.

People become so predictable it’s like reading a genre of novel. You know their particular madness very quickly. You don’t judge it but you can see how it rules the mind and how it need not. Then you become a conduit for your own healing by acting in such a way toward them that spurns their conscious transformation.

When the pain mechanism has been witnessed and dropped then, and only then, a human being, naturally and effortlessly flowers. This is the primary focus of humanism. That and taking care of the earth we call home.

This personality mechanism is one of the most important things to fathom. The personality forms by the age of 4.

It doesn’t matter if you are a human in Tibet or Sweden or a domesticated cat or dog in Spain they all have an enneatype.

And when it is unconscious it drives our lives and creates enormous self-inflicted pain. We call that fate.

But when we become conscious of this egotistical pain mechanism that protects our pain it is possible to live a different kind of life; one where we awaken to a much happier experience - beyond the mad 3 triads of fate (emotional enneatypes (2, 3, 4) , gut (8-9-1) and mental (5-6-7).

The other three aspects of humanism are