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Gratitude’s garden

Gratitude is a muscle - use it

In order to disentangle and disenthrall from fearful narratives we must see with vision. This means to see beyond the victim mind state. To drop it entirely. Leave it behind us. Forget it. Now. No more these needless indiscretions. To go beyond complaining; see with the eyes of gratitude.

'Heaven is spread upon the earth - yet men do not see it.'

The option is there to see. To see it. The mirror (rational/unimaginative mind) says you are a little cat. Do you see the lion? To love we must know how to love ourselves. If we talk of time and worry, complain and sigh...well this malice, it is done to us. By us. But we can cease settling for what we are not. Recognize ourselves in the mirrors of faith,in those of our personal history, of what may be, of what is, of history, of the deepest wisdom. It takes a small match to light a fire. It takes a little courage, a little faith to start down a challenging path. It takes a slow run to start a sprint..., and irrepressible imagination to birth...what may not be reversed.

And when we start to run, what if we feel the gentle breeze of our passage forward, ladies and gentleman, what if we cannot stop what we have started?

The rocket tends to the heavens, the moth to the flame, but we cannot be consumed in the heat of our longing, we can only be used. Yet never spent, not once drained. What a wonderful blessing...that there are ever expanding treasures.