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As an event management company, among other things, sutranovum is engaged in putting on talks workshops and hackathons to support its mission to share inspired approaches to emotional wisdom.

Our Eventbrite page can be accessed here:

What we cover

Humanism is the focus on the value of the human being.

To be a humanist means to see the best in man and to value his contributions and his capacity.

Can you commit to that?


Often the simplest questions are transformative.


sutranovum engages inspired, inspiring and insightful individuals to be speakers in forums that we arrange. first in San Francisco, and then wider afield.

Our focus is on emotional intelligence and its application across many areas of human endeavors. To get a sense of the range of our programs visit our programs page.

If you are interested in working with us to put on an event in your city (anywhere on planet earth - including San Francisco) please write to us at

We have an interview process and logic to how we work.

We can send you a breakdown of how we go about putting on talks and who we seek to promote and why.

This information will also be made public with a link here soon.