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Emotional intelligence with Plants

Many books have been written about plants and their emotional lives.

The Secret Life of Plants is perhaps the landmark book

All indigenous cultures have known that plants are part of a united unfolding and consciousness.

Plants feed us. Vegetables, fruit, legumes. grains...all play a vital part in our diets.

Many traditions around the world use plants for vision quests. From plants we get weed and wine. They have their place as avenues to stress reduction in a sane world. As with any substance that has the temporary capacity to color perception - they can cloud our perception. They can prevent clarity. They can become crutches.

At sutranovum our focus is not so much on the vision quests associated with certain sacred plants. Plenty of people offer such services. Our focus rather is on seeing plants as an integral part of human life. They feed and shelter us. They give us oxygen and the life support systems that organic life is dependent on.

A child that has the right kind of relationship with nature knows how to nurture the natural world around them.

When nature is treated wisely, it comes to adore man. That is the natural geometry of things. That is when we are in accord with who we are. A plant has consciousness like you and I. To honor that consciousness demands self-knowledge and a relationship with nature that has outgrown the idea of waste. This is the harmony that horticulture was birthed to teach us.