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emotional intelligence in the planetary ecosystem

To take care of our skin requires eating wisely, getting enough sun, drinking enough water.

To take care of the earth means looking after the soil. It is the skin of the earth.

"Organic farming depends on the concept of the soil as a "living system. In an organic system, which relies on crop rotations, animal manures, green compost, and biological pest control, the soil grows richer and richer, more and more fertile. Organic farmers do not contaminate groundwater, nor do they create toxic runoff. Their soil doesn't blow or wash away. This stands in direct contrast to the rest of American agriculture over the past half century, a tale of grievous erosion, poisoned wells and rivers, and an agricultural effluent that has created an enormous dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico. Buying certified organic food is a way to support the health of the soil itself."

New York Times - October 20, 2002

"Therefore commune with nature! Become reconciled with nature after your estrangement from it."

Paul Tillich

And with your own nature - the nature of loving yourself. Tending to yourself like a beloved garden. Plumb the depths of your inner ocean.

"Listen to nature in quietness, and you will find its heart. It will sound forth the glory of its divine ground. It will sigh with us in the bondage of tragedy. It will speak of the indestructible hope of salvation." Paul Tillich, Man and Earth

"Only amidst the circumambient wilderness of tundra with its musk oxen, of the sea with its whales, the mountain fastness with its condor and puma, the jungle with its tiger, the woods with its warblers and crows, the veldt or prairie with its gnu and bison, can we tend the garden and maintain our hold on life which God created and called good."

George Hunston Williams

In "The Future of the Planet: Life, Growth and Death in Organisms, Cities and Companies" Professor Geoffrey West asks:

'Why do we stop growing, live for 100 years, and sleep eight hours a day? Why do all companies and people die, whereas cities keep growing and the pace of life continues to accelerate? Are cities and companies "just” very large organisms? And how are all these related to innovation, wealth creation and the sustainability of the planet?"

He explains that:

"Many of life's characteristics scale with size in a surprisingly simple fashion: for example, metabolic rate (the 2,000 food calories you need each day) scales in a systematically predictive way from cells to whales, while time-scales, from lifespans to growth-rates, and sizes, from genome lengths to tree heights, likewise scale systematically.

Remarkably, cities and companies also exhibit systematic scaling: wages, profits, patents, crime, disease, and roads all scale in an approximately “universal” fashion.'' In this lecture "he presents the origin of these scaling laws and their compelling implications for explaining the life cycles of companies, social connectivity, aging and death, tumor growth, urbanization and slums, innovation, and the possibility of a grand unified theory of sustainability." Sustainability isn't a made up thing, it is part and parcel of the very weave of things. We can use science wisely. Elucidate the harmonious potential in man and in man's capacity to serve nature to serve himself. In Psalm 19 of the Bible it is written: "Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night declares knowledge."

This means what we tell ourselves consciously (day to day)

becomes what is commanded of the subconscious (night to night).

We are intended to flourish. Living this is honoring its truth.There were some finches that ate seeds and that were fed only fruit in an experiment. The next generation were born with fruit eating beaks. Nature gets smarter with each new generation. That is our inner capacity. Hard wired into the experience of being alive - evolution by natural or, in our case, conscious, programmed selection.We can engineer the earth into the Eden it inspires us to pull out of it, we can pull out our innate genius, all it takes is the right resolve.And the thorough application of that resolve.

Education - ex - out - ducat-ducare - to pull - to pull out from within