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emotional intelligence in the city

The city must have a relationship not just with human nature but with nature. With the flowers and the bees. It is part of who we are. An essential part.

Essential means 'absolutely necessary.' Oxygen, water, the right quality of attention, self-love. These are all essential. Totally needed. Our flowering happens contingent on them - but only the inspired happy spirit that is aligned with such things, such values...only he or she has the intelligence to bring these qualities to the fore of their being. That is the discernment. It blossoms when we learn to love ourselves.

The city is like the vital organs of the body to the nation. The city pools experience and knowhow. But it can also become a place to escape to and a place for escapism. When we don't listen to our urgent and absolute needs we create outlets. We lose our sensitivity and we manifest pain born of not being attentive to the refined inner story of our nature. Not our inner nature but our nature. For what we demonstrate within becomes our outer world. If we are paranoid and fearful we create a reality on such foundations. If we learn to see through our fears and to trust in plumbing the depths of our deepest nature then we awaken hidden potentials. We become more authentic, more courageous, less isolated and alienated, less escapist. And how wondrous is the nature of the inner creatures that we find in those depths.