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Emotional intelligence in Government

Politics means the family of man. Governance comes from a word that means to steer or to be at the helm of something.

What course do we take? What direction is good for us? As individuals.

As groups. Whatever the scale, whether it be two people or two steers a course. In his own life - and as a partner, collaborator and team player. We pay for roads through our taxes. One seed can yield countless forests and reverse endless deserts.

So how can we justify lack with this bounty that is inherent and perennial in nature? How can we do that?

When we govern wisely, we cannot. To govern wisely takes the right valuing of the human being and the right appreciation for nature and the powers that science unleashes for us. A knife can be used to further peace or discord. It is the same tool, but used for different ends. We can heal our pasts. We are not defined by fear nor by trauma. For evolution to happen, wisdom starts with the sense that we are already healed. It is a powerful that can change everything. And it does; when we listen to that sense. It is not fabricated, not ruled by thought but by the deeper feelings that yield true harmony and the deepest quality of happiness.