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emotional intelligence in agriculture

“I heard a talk which wondered if we are living at the dawn of the age of horticulture. The speaker said that nature adored man. I had never heard anyone say those things before. It seems so far away from the sophisticated city lifestyle but If you imagine 30 years hence or a few hundred years hence, it is entirely plausible.

It cannot happen when the earth energies dominate man's consciousness. When unchecked, they lead to proliferation of armament and psychological insecurity, which whetherseen or unseen, leads to greed and isolation, degradation, ruthless competition and violence. Tribalism. It is the way of nature. Bigger horns, more elaborate displays of dominance.

Horticulture is the basis of culture. Together they deliver man out of his hapless predicament (the predicament is actually a crazy idea and nothing more...when you see how the fact of a nurtured productive earth undermines it totally).

The economy is rooted in the family and the garden. That was the Greek model, the root of the meaning of the word "economy" when it was coined. It was and is self-sustainable. The wild pear and crabapple after a million trials gave us the apple and the pear.

So we just began eh? It seems almost impossible to envisage our time, with all its strife, as the dawning of the age of horticulture. But what better gift to gift our children? What is more animated and alive than a garden and a pasture that is home to happy animals?

Nature does adore man when he nurtures the garden he was born into. And you can feel it if you wander far enough along the river, deep enough into the wild wood. When you tread lightly but with great firmness; as you push the young seed firmly into the soil like tucking up a child in bed. And you find a way to see the tremendous beauty in a field. Like a child sees it. Fresh and new.

But, more than the wonder of the child, spellbound by the honey bee...there needs to be the stewardship of the wasteless economy. The perennial cash and balance system of the soil. Soil though that is so alive. Alive with compost and flowers for the bees. Free of pesticides and monoculture.

It is an imagined world, far removed from the reality of our modern thinking...but that didn't stop man birthing the apple from discerning among wild fruit.”