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Emotional intelligence in aging

Being in the body is a profound journey. The flowers come up from the dirt. And each day the sun also rises. Civilization marches forward and man, you and I, we are the thick dense vapor of this miraculous story. We are the breath, the yearning for the stars, the great hope of what may and can be. We are what is unfolding. We have the choice to align ourselves with beauty. We can brook no alternative.

Where the mind is incarcerated in deception, then man is at the back and call of his own folly. But in you, in all of us, in every atom of creation, there is something that can transcend the limitations of the past. There is something that can rise up and defy the apparent odds.

What is apparent may not have any relationship to vision.

Vision can see what the body's eyes neglect to see. And it is this that births what is inspired. Inspired mean to be "in spirit" - to be aligned with who we really are. All of creation attends this unfolding in man with bated breath. When such clarity of perception is awakened in the human being then the destiny of planets is altered. This is the potential within man.

The time we live in is but a blimp in the unfolding of universes.But to live fully means to embrace a great and profound story. It matters not when you die. And, in truth, there is no death. It matters only that you fully live.

What vision sees, when awakened, cannot be put to sleep. This, the blessing of who we are.