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Embracing emotional intelligence

sutranovum is a business dedicated to breathing in the enlightened future now. It is already here. We play our parts by believing in it, imagining it, seeing it, living it in. By embracing what is hidden we celebrate what may once have been deemed impossible. We are a global organization celebrating your awakened potential. We are dedicated to sharing insights on how your emotional state creates the world without.

Our motto is:

different space inside - different space outside

A brand dedicated to seeing with new eyes, to the spirit of levity and emotional intelligence. We recognize that:

gratitude is a muscle: use it

We affirm that true leadership is born from the blossoming of genuine vision and from recognizing the divine presence within.

We are an educational foundation dedicated to celebrating our wonderful healed hearts and minds - liberated of their self-deception and most intimate with their passion, peace and generosity of spirit. We embody Emerson’s dictum that:

“The way to mend the bad world is to create the right world.”

sutranovum was born from the awareness that humility, faith and imagination can rise to any challenge and that trust frees the mind.

We offer private coaching for individuals and businesses, training programs, events geared toward embracing wise approaches to ourselves and our environment, we are an inspired publisher and we have a limited edition gallery and expansive shop dedicated to the talk we walk. We develop narrative based technology.