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sutranovum is a brand dedicated to the wisdom of self-love.

The solution and the problem cannot co-exist in the same state. This is essential to wisdom. We are a global lifestyle brand built around this perspective; a media company and an educational foundation inspired by great philosophy. We develop products and services around the general theme of self love and pollinating growth from the wisdom it imparts. Tools and techniques for developing self love and leading lives founded on fulfillment have not generally been prioritized in our schooling nor our workplaces. We start with those as our focus and as key to the big picture. Focusing on a narrative about emotional intelligence we explore the relevance of self-love to human design.

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We recognize that self-love is not given to distraction. When we start with the big picture we ask what kind of planet we wish to leave our children and our grandchildren and so that means asking of ourselves, what internal shifts are called for to make those things happen.

Our end game is living from the perspective that the planet, you, redeemed. Not of his folly. We all make mistakes. But to own that we have the option to see in to existence something to be proud of, a life to celebrate, to be happy in and happy about. An integrated approach to work, an attitude founded in forgiveness and gratitude. Not as ideas but habits that ideas have birthed. This is the endgame of our work. We start there as focus of perspective. What does such a worldview feel like?

This means having a good fun look at the society of our contemporaries and the planet we wish to live on and contribute to. It means examining our behaviors and our feelings and our ideals. Are they emotionally intelligent and rooted in a growth mindset and aligned with the wise use of our imagination? As humans, whether we are conscious of it or not - we design many aspects of our lives. ‘Putting ourselves through the crucible’ means asking ourselves, asking you: ’What do you really really want? Not deviating from the vision that those questions inspire means asking of ourselves what kind of companies we wish to build, what kind of families we want to live in, what kind of relationships we want to have and what kind of approaches to work, agriculture and human challenge lead to smart design. It means looking at the kind of planet we want to live on and leave for our children.

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